The easiest way to do laundry and dry cleaning in New York.

About the app

Doing laundry and taking care of dry cleaning are probably two of the most dreaded tasks for the human kind. The FlyCleaners app solves this problem brilliantly in New York. Think of how much time and energy you’d be saving up if you had someone pick up your laundry in as little as 20 minutes, get it all nice & clean, and have it delivered back to you the next day.

This mobile app enables its users to order the FlyCleaners services whenever they need to. Paying for services is also taken care of, along with managing the entire process of pickup and delivery of the order.


The FlyCleaners app is definitely a complex one, mainly because it serves the user real-time. There are somewhere in between 10 to 15 status changes to a single order – meaning 10 to 15 times that the UI is changing its appearance for the one active order.

We made sure that the real-time service features are top-notch, making the interactions fast and precise. While the app fetches data about the pick up time for the order, zoom in and zoom out animations make it easy to keep track of what’s going on


Keeping in mind that we had a complex user flow to work with, we’ve made sure to integrate cool animations and a clean, colourful UI, in order to make the entire user flow a breeze altogether.

FlyCleaners app covers the entire laundry service, meaning the users can request the service, arrange pickup time and location, pay within the app, then always access the status of their orders. For payment, we integrated Stripe. A rating system, essential in this type of services, was also integrated within the app.

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