Dine Market

Dine Market

Food sourcing the smart way: order food & beverages on the go, as easy as pie.

About the app

Dine Market mobile apps, built for iOS and Android devices, innovate in the area of food sourcing in the US. These mobile apps target both food suppliers and professional food buyers, creating a mobile marketplace between the two and adding up to the flexibility that a mobile product brings to the table.

The Dine Market app offers food retailers solutions in promoting their products and boosting brand awareness, by giving them access to thousands of chefs, managers, and other food service purchasers throughout the United States.


How can you make the process of finding the right match (regarding food) easy and effective, when dealing with lots and lots of providers and thousands of products?

It was all about discoverability and rethinking browsing on mobile. Besides that, the entire ordering flow had to be customized for this special audience represented by chefs, restaurants, food retailers, caterers and other purchasing agents. Also, there needed to be a tight implementation of the payment process, with sensitive security elements in mind. The whole thing eventually was about how to build an app that would make the entire food supply process more efficient – so we had to make sure the Dine Market app would be fast, offer a great UX and above all, be very stable.

“It's been really good working with Tapptitude. The guys there really managed to pull off a great solution for our rather complex needs.They built two really strong mobile apps, on iOS and Android, that helped our business create essential engagement with our users.“

Guy Praisler | CEO Dine Market


The apps are a mobile marketplace filled with produce providers and food buyers, a customizable order guide and a smart mobile shopping cart. The users can order straight from within the app – having Stripe integrated as a payment solution – and save lots of time and money. A customer support system is also integrated. We had a buyer’s busy day in mind and made sure the cart and the inventory features were available offline as well. We integrated a custom tags feature, making the search process more efficient.

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