Caxton FX

Caxton FX

An easier, cheaper and safer way to spend abroad.

About the app

The Caxton FX iOS mobile app is a foreign currency card management app, that enables the user to spend while abroad, safe and hassle-free.

The Caxton FX currency card provides great value to its owner by working with the best money exchange rates – no commission charged. It’s a international mobile wallet, for any currency there is, that you can easily fuel with any debit card you own. The mobile app is the quickest and safest way to manage the Caxton FX cards, especially when abroad.


One of the challenges we’ve encountered while building this mobile app has been working with the old functionalities of the mobile product, and integrating the functionalities matching the new Caxton FX currency cards.

We also wanted to give this app a cool twist – so we built a widget, allowing the user to quickly work some of the essential features of the app, without actually opening it up. The user has quick access to this widget in the notifications bar. We wanted to make sure the app really suits the traveling scenario, meaning that the user flow had to be simple while working with a complex set of helpful features.


When developing this mobile application, we kept in mind that it had to be the currency managing end-point for the people using it. So we made sure the app has all the necessary capabilities: the user can top up the balance whenever, handle currency transfers at the best rates, have a transaction history available and fully manage the actual Caxton FX currency card he owns.

One of the neatest features of the app is that the users can manage secondary Caxton FX cards for friends or family members, just like their own – all from within the app. We also implemented some fancy animations, making the UI nice and clean.

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