The smart, fast and easy way to pay for parking in Romania.

About the app

Paying for parking is often a more complicated task than it should be. Parking meters aren’t always easy to find, and sometimes they don’t work as they should. Many a times we don’t have the exact amount of change on us, and when our time is up, we have to hurry back to the car, whatever it is we’re doing at the moment.

Considering all of these daily-paying-for-parking issues, tapptitude developed the mobile app, covering all of the aforementioned problems. Thus paying for parking means picking out the duration of your stay and paying straight within the app


There’s a lot that goes on around the wheel button within the app, so we put a lot of work in building this feature just right. First off, the wheel is activated as soon as you’re in a parking zone. It then turns into a tool for you to pick out the duration of your parking. After having payed for the selected parking slot, the wheel turns into a timer, letting the user know how much time he has left. We’ve added some cool animations to make the entire process clear and user-friendly.

Throughout the entire development process we kept in mind that the app had to have a simple user flow. It’s supposed to make the entire paying process easier, not harder to come by.


What we’re looking at here is a mobile app with a simple UI and user flow, yet a complex set of utilities for the user. The simple app design is centered around the wheel that adapts itself to the phase in which the user is in. It goes from being a geolocation tool, to a calculation tool, to being a timer – whatever the user needs.

The app is truly a smart solution. The geolocation feature even goes all the way to showing the user a map back to the spot where the car is parked. The user has to type in the card details the first time only; the app also remembers previous parking sessions, so it’s the more easier to arrange a payment in the future.

Product Concept

Native App Development

UI/UX Design

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